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    Bail is an amount of money demanded by the Court in exchange for allowing a criminal defendant to remain out of custody while his or her case is pending.  Bail must be offered in all cases except murder.  It is intended to maintain the safety of the community, prevent future harm and provide that the defendant comes back to court to handle their case rather than flee.

    In California, bail is set pursuant to a schedule which is established by a bail committee.  The amount of bail varies by the crime.  Generally, the greater the crime, the more dangerous the crime, the higher the bail.

    Most bail for misdemeanor crimes start at about $1,500.00 and goes up to over $100,000 for most felonies.  You can provide for your bail in one of two ways:

    1.    Pay the full amount of the bail.  If the court wants $1,500.00 in bail, a relative or other person acting on your behalf  can take $1,500.00 in cash or cashier’s check to the jail and you will be released.  The court will hold that money until your case is completed and at the end, return all of it to you.  (Exhonoration of bail) Return of the money often takes several months after the case is completed.

    2.    You can use a Bail Bondsman to put up the money for you.  The bail agent will charge you ten percent(10%) of the total amount of the bail (i.e. $150.00 for that $1,500.00 bail) and will take it to the court or jail and arrange for the release of the person charged. After the case is done, the bail agent is released from paying the total amount of the bail by the court and he keeps the 10% premium you paid for his or her services.

        If the person charged does not return to court as promised, the bail agent must forfeit the total amount of the bail promised by him or her to the court, or they can bring in the fleeing suspect through the use of a bounty hunter.  Any costs of tracking down the suspect are ultimately recovered by the bail agent from the suspect.

Other release options:

    In many minor cases, courts and jails may release you “on your own recognizance”.  That means basically on your promise to return to court upon threat of arrest later if you do not return.  This option will cost you nothing, however, it may require you or your loved one staying in jail overnight or even over the weekend before seeing a judge or other detention release officer to get an “OR” release.

Why is an attorney important for bail issues?

    Knowing how much bail is required and in which cases it will be required is critical.  A seasoned attorney can tell you when bail is or will be needed and when it may not be. Thus saving you thousands of dollars in bail premiums.  Also, an attorney can bring a motion before the judge to address the bail and perhaps have the amount of bail reduced or, in some cases, waived.  This can only be done by an attorney making an appearance for you or your loved one in court.

Whom should I trust to handle my bail?
    After 18 years in practice, Mr. Salvin knows many reputable and professional bail bondsmen who many assist you in obtaining bail release as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs.

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