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Being a father himself, Mr. Salvin understands how important it is to protect our young children.  He views child safety as a priority.  Mr. Salvin takes precautions in order to safeguard his own family.  He would like to share this information with you.  When it comes to child safety, Mr. Salvin lives by the old adage – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Sex Offender ListMegan’s law allows for the public to access information on registered sex offenders.  This is an invaluable resource offered by the General Attorney in the California Department of Justice.  The Megan's Law database gives a parent the ability to do a search of all registered sex offenders based on name, address, city, county, schools and parks.  Mr. Salvin makes it a practice to check individuals his children routinely come in contact with on this database.  He also uses it to review sexual predators in the local area.  In order to access the database, click on the button towards the bottom of the home page.  David also recommends checking out the "Facts About  Sex Offenders" on the Department of Justices site.

Talking about strangers- It is important that you educate your children regarding "stranger dangers”.  The Sheriff's Department of Orange County has information on its web site regarding Child Safety.  This is a good resource to review before speaking to your children.  Also remember it is important to continually reinforce these concepts with your children.

Child Information Sheet- Orange County’s District Attorney has a downloadable Child Information Sheet available on its web site.  Mr. Salvin highly recommends that you complete this sheet and keep it in a safe place.  The information collected on this sheet could be an invaluable resource in case of an emergency.

Safety/Bullying Education- While it is extremely important that we keep a vigilant eye on our children and the various people they come in contact with, it is even more important that we empower our children with the skills and the knowledge they need to stay safe.  Mr. Salvin highly recommends that all children attend a Stranger Danger and Bullying Class.  Most martial arts studios offer mini courses on Stranger Dangers.  There is also a nonprofit organization called radKIDS which has a well-structured program specifically designed for young children.

Internet Safely – The internet has become an interregnal part of our modern day lives.  As parents Mr. Salvin believes we must take special interest in our children’s access and usage of the internet.  The FBI has published an “Internet Guide for Public Safety” that can provide some helpful hints.  Mr. Salvin believes that computers should remain and be used in “public” areas of the house.   He also suggests that a contract be drawn up between children and their parents regarding the correct and appropriate usage of a computer or smart phone.  An example of a contract can be found at In this age of technology it has become very difficult to monitor everything your child does on a computer so it is important from an early age to teach them responsible computer use.

Child Car Seats- It is important to make sure that your child safety seat and/or booster seats are properly installed in your car.  The National Highway and Traffic Administration offer guidelines and tips for installing Child Safety Seats.  Another resource called Safety Belt Safe USA offers helpful information and brochures for parents.   It is often common for local governmental agencies to offer free child car seat inspections.  To find a "fitting station" near you visit NHTA's Inspection Seat Locator.

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